New Product Find: Arabella Candles

A couple weeks ago I came across a fabulous brand of candles called Arabella. The company was started by two sisters creating a niche in the organic soy candle industry. I purchased the Arabella and Sky scents. I absolutely love the Arabella scent. The scent can be smelled in the room without the candle being lit. my home features an open floor plan where my kitchen, dining, and living room are all open to each other. I can smell the candle from one corner to the next. It also has a very long burn time. I still have at least half the candle left and I have left it on hours at time over a 3-4 week period. I used it a couple times as lotion since I had it lit and felt my hands a little dry. It was great as moisturizer too. I haven't tried the Sky scent yet since  I want to finish the other first, but it smells very good to and I am sure I will see similar results. The candles can be purchased online at

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